Car Inspection 100+ Quality Checks
Car Inspection 100+ Quality Checks

Car Inspection 100+ Quality Checks

September 15, 2023

“Discover a new standard in vehicle safety and quality with our Car Inspection’s 100+ Quality Checks. Our comprehensive evaluation covers everything from engine integrity and brake efficiency to interior conditions and advanced electronics. Designed to give buyers confidence and transparency, each inspection is performed by certified experts using state-of-the-art equipment. This rigorous approach ensures you’re getting a vehicle that meets the highest standards of reliability and safety. Don’t compromise—choose Car Inspection for an experience you can trust.

Feel free to adjust this article to suit the unique aspects of your service.

At Car Express, we ensure that every car we procure undergoes a thorough inspection across 100+ parameters. Each car is then given a full service and is refurbished to as good as new by Car Express experts at our Mega Refurbishment Labs (MRL), where any defects are corrected. This ensures your car is ready to hit the road and you can drive with peace of mind without worrying about breakdown.

1. Airbags

2. Seat Belts

3. Child Safety Locks

4. Central Locking System

5. Alarm System

6. Tire Pressure Monitoring

7. Emergency Brake Functionality

8. Anti-lock Braking System (ABS)

9. Traction Control System

10. Electronic Stability Control

Engine and Mechanical:

 11. Engine Oil

12. Transmission Fluid

13. Coolant

14. Brake Fluid

15. Power Steering Fluid

16. Fuel Filter

17. Air Filter

18. Spark Plugs

19. Battery Voltage

20. Radiator

Transmission and Drivetrain:

 21. Gear Shifting

22. Clutch Operation

23. Driveshaft

24. CV Joints

25. Universal Joints

26. Differential Fluid

27. Axle Integrity

28. Propeller Shaft

29. Transmission Mounts

30. Transfer Case (4×4)

 Suspension and Steering:

 31. Shock Absorbers

32. Struts

33. Control Arms

34. Sway Bars

35. Tie Rods

36. Steering Pump

37. Ball Joints

38. Wheel Bearings

39. Steering Wheel Alignment

40. Steering Fluid


 41. Brake Pads

42. Brake Rotors

43. Brake Lines

44. Master Cylinder

45. Brake Calipers

46. Wheel Cylinders

47. Brake Booster

48. Brake Fluid Leaks

49. Handbrake Cable

50. Brake Pedal Feel

Electrical and Electronics:

 51. Headlights

52. Taillights

53. Turn Signals

54. Brake Lights

55. Dashboard Lights

56. Window Motors

57. Air Conditioning

58. Heater

59. Horn

60. Windshield Wipers

Exterior Body and Frame:

 61. Paint Condition

62. Rust Spots

63. Dents and Scratches

64. Bumpers

65. Fenders

66. Door Panels

67. Windows

68. Mirrors

69. Windshield

70. Sunroof/Moonroof

Interior and Comfort:

 71. Seats

72. Dashboard

73. Carpet and Mats

74. Door Trims

75. Center Console

76. Rear View Mirror

77. Seat Adjustments

78. Steering Wheel Condition

79. Cup Holders

80. Glove Compartment

Wheels and Tires:

 81. Tire Condition

82. Tire Pressure

83. Wheel Condition

84. Spare Tire

85. Lug Nuts

86. Hub Caps

87. Wheel Alignment

88. Tire Rotation

89. Balancing Weights

90. Tire Age

CAR EXPRESS Signature Checks:

91. Service History Verification

92. Previous Ownership Record

93. CAR EXPRESS Roadside Assistance

94. CAR EXPRESS Special Offers

95. CAR EXPRESS Warranty Check

96. CAR EXPRESS Loyalty Points

97. CAR EXPRESS Certification

98. CAR EXPRESS Custom Accessories

99. CAR EXPRESS Complimentary Services

100. CAR EXPRESS Final Approval


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