Express workshop with Quality Service & Repairing
Express workshop with Quality Service & Repairing

Express workshop with Quality Service & Repairing

September 16, 2023

Car Service & Repairing Workshop: Terms and Conditions

Using Our Services

1. By booking with us, you agree to these terms.

Booking & Payment

2. Book online; slots are based on availability.

3. Pay online before we deliver your car.

4. Keep your payment confirmation as proof.

Service & Delivery

5. Initial cost estimates may change.

6. We aim to finish on time but sometimes delays happen.

7. We’ll deliver your car after receiving payment.

Warranty & Refunds

8.Our work has a limited warranty.

9. Refunds are as per our cancellation policy.

Your Role:

10. Give accurate info about your car when booking.

11. Someone must be available to receive the car.

Our Liability:

12. We’re not liable for damage to your car or items inside, unless it’s our fault.

13. We’re not liable for delays caused by things beyond our control.


14. We keep your data safe, as per our Privacy Policy.

Legal Stuff:

15. Disputes will be resolved through arbitration.

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